Understand Why Markets Move

Without Reading Everything

Our Artificial Intelligence reads millions of documents for you - quantifying exposures to ideas, events, and themes. You can build a strategy to track any of your investment ideas, or monitor your portfolio exposures in real-time.

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This is investment research powered by Artificial Intelligence. Game changed.

What’s your portfolio exposure to “Trade War” or “Data Privacy“?


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Company Insights

Power your research process all in one screen with concept exposures, sentiment, and other alternative data in addition to real-time pricing and fundamentals.


Portfolio Exposure

See views of the global factors and exposures affecting your portfolio. Ranging from ideas to themes to events and even people, you can see how concepts like tariffs, data privacy, and social responsibility are impacting your investments.


Strategy Builder

Leverage the same technology powering Yewno’s emerging technology indices and ETFs to research and build customized investment strategies based on concepts like machine learning, virtual reality, or e-commerce with on-the-fly back testing over up to five years.


Key Developments

You want to read the article, but you don’t have time, and the headline isn’t enough. Let our artificial intelligence read for you and extract the key points of thousands of articles every day - in real time.

Get notified when market anomalies occur and impact your portfolio, and analyze the sentiment of each event. Search for new developments by company or sector, set up alerts for themes like “cloud computing”.

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