Introducing Yewno Edge

Yewno Edge uncovers hidden risks and opportunities in your portfolios, revealing exposures to any concept such as a company like Amazon, an event like Trade War, or even a social issue like Data Privacy.


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Edge Platform

Cutting-edge integrated analytics platform with concept-based exposure scoring, and portfolio construction tools, alerts, and anomaly detection.


Data Feeds

AI-curated smart-beta data packages and quant models, capturing previously unquantifiable exposures and alpha opportunities.



AI-driven knowledge investment strategies with unique and persistent alpha sources and indexing solutions covering mega-trends.

Our Core AI Technology

Provides an information framework that quantifies semantics, converting immense amounts of unstructured data into structured analytics, actions and new insights.

Structured Analytics
From Unstructured Data

Yewno’s Knowledge Graph processes billions of data points in real-time including financial information, news, patents, and more.


Knowledge Graph

Yewno’s Knowledge graph is a dynamically evolving network of concepts including everything from people to companies and even ideas.


Exposure Engine

Yewno’s unique AI-based approach allows for the automatic computation of millions of exposure scores to previously unquantifiable factors.


our customers

Quant Analysts

Embed alternative data sets and Knowledge Graph APIs into multi-factor models for signal generation and unique trading strategies.

Research Analysts

Identify hidden relationships and exposures for publicly listed securities with Yewno’s Knowledge Graph solutions.

Portfolio Managers

React to indirect events through Inference Alerts and discover emerging concepts and exposures within your portfolio.

Investment Advisors

Stay ahead of the markets using Yewno’s portfolio construction and research tools, inference alerts, and thematic strategies.